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Dog Breeding Program

Parklands are pleased to offer a range of services as part of our breeding program.

Pre-mate testing: This is a simple test that requires a blood sample from the bitch. The test can be analysed in house with the results being given to the owner the same day. The pre-mate test analyses the hormone progesterone and can determine when the bitch is ovulating to help plan optimum time for mating. It can also determine the time of whelping.


AI services: This is a service provided by our vets to artificially inseminate a bitch with semen ideally at her optimum time of mating.



Semen Analysis: We also check the studs fresh semen for viability, deformity and motility under the microscope to ensure the semen is of good quality before carrying out the artificial insemination.


Pregnancy scans: With our new ultrasound scanner we can offer clients pregnancy scans for the bitches from 20 days of pregnancy. Numbers and vaibility of fetuses are calculated at the right stage of pregnancy. Pictures can be printed to take home.


Worming/feeding advice: Our team of vets and nurses can advise clients on the best protocol for worming and feeding bitches during and after pregnancy as well as the puppies when they are born.


Health checks: Our vets and nurses can provide health checks for your bitch throughout her pregnancy as well as health checking the puppies when they arrive.

Vaccination/Certification: We can vaccinate puppies from 6 weeks of age against parvovirus. Again the puppies would be health checked at this age and certified before sale. We can also microchip, flea and worm the puppies before time of sale.



Ring our Dungannon or Cookstown surgeries now to arrange your bitch's breeding program.





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